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Discover Bombas’ Customer-Centric Approach to Quality & Coaching

Join us for an enlightening journey into the heart of customer service innovation with Bombas, a trailblazer in the apparel industry, known for its mission-driven ethos and commitment to excellence in every customer interaction. This exclusive webinar unveils the behind-the-scenes journey of how Bombas reshaped its Quality Assurance (QA) and agent coaching framework to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Featuring Eric Mead, Customer Experience Manager at Bombas, alongside MaestroQA experts, this session offers an unprecedented look into the strategies that have propelled Bombas to the forefront of customer experience (CX) excellence. Discover the synergy between innovative QA practices and transformative coaching methods that have reshaped how Bombas interacts with its customers and empowers its teams.

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Unveiling Bombas' Groundbreaking QA and Coaching Strategies

Bombas sets the standard for customer experience excellence by integrating adaptive coaching with data-driven QA practices. Join us to learn how they balance scalability with personalized coaching for their customer service teams.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Personalized Coaching Strategies: Discover how Bombas crafts personalized coaching sessions tailored to individual agent needs, driving continuous improvement and exceptional customer interactions.
  • Leveraging Data for CX Insights: Learn about Bombas' approach to using MaestroQA's analytics to uncover actionable insights and optimize their coaching program.
  • Empowering Agents with Growth Opportunities: See how Bombas' focus on agent development and empowerment contributes to their industry-leading customer satisfaction scores.
  • Performance Excellence – Beyond Metrics: Delve into Bombas' holistic approach to performance metrics, from QA scores to CSAT, and how they drive operational excellence.
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About Eric Mead

Eric is the Customer Experience Manager at Bombas, where he plays a crucial role in driving the company's customer experience excellence through innovative coaching initiatives. With a wealth of experience spanning over eight years at Bombas, Eric has witnessed the evolution of CX strategies enhance quality assurance and coaching processes. He is dedicated to fostering engagement and growth among team members, ensuring that agents feel empowered to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Eric's commitment to building trust and providing timely, quality feedback has been instrumental in elevating Bombas' CX performance to new heights.


About David Chitwood

David is is the Director of Customer Experience at MaestroQA where he oversees a global customer support team. He's passionate about leveraging data to identify business opportunities and process improvements that drive efficiency and better customer outcomes. David has 10+ years of experience leading customer support teams at companies like J. Crew and Intersection.