Re-Energize Your Support Team:

Transforming Agent Burnout into Customer Support Champions! 

Did you know that up to 85% of customer support agents experience burnout, particularly during peak customer demand periods? 

Burnout not only hampers agent performance but also affects overall customer satisfaction. Addressing burnout is crucial to maintaining a motivated, efficient, and high-performing support team. This workshop is designed to equip you with actionable insights to foster a healthier work environment and drive exceptional results.

Join MaestroQA and Evolution Coach Matthew Cooke to discover effective strategies to detect early signs of burnout and turn your agents into customer satisfaction champions.

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Where: On-Demand



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Boost Your Team's Performance

  • Elevate Agent Efficiency: Discover industry-leading best practices that enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Three Dimensions of Burnout: Uncover the three dimensions of burnout to reenergize agents and boost performance.
  • Cultivate Work/Life Balance: Learn the framework for a supportive culture where work/life balance thrives.
  • Data-Driven Coaching: Dive deep into your coaching program's health and scale to uncover trends and opportunities for actionable feedback that drives performance improvement.
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Matthew Cooke

Matthew Cooke – Executive Coach and Facilitator, Evolution

Matthew T. Cooke is an executive coach, facilitator, founder, and leadership mentor with over 12 years of experience helping tech leaders get more done without burning out. Matthew is a trauma-certified practitioner through SomaticExperiencing and Organic Intelligence for nervous system health. He received his BS in Health Promotion, with an Emphasis on life Coaching (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes and Motivational Interviewing) at the University of Wisconsin-StevensPoint.


Scott Kelly– Customer Success Manager, MaestroQA

Scott is a Customer Success Manager for MaestroQA. He provides strategic recommendations and guidance to customers on coaching and quality best practices.