Avoid Agent Burnout:

Unveiling the Secrets to Peak Performance 


Facing constant customer demands, whether during the busy season or throughout the year, puts your agents at risk of burnout. Often, the early signs of stress are subtle, leading to decreased engagement, multitasking struggles, and careless errors that can jeopardize customer satisfaction.

Join our exclusive Agent Burnout Prevention Workshop led by the seasoned experts at MaestroQA and acclaimed Evolution Coach Samara Zelniker to discover how to combat this challenge proactively. They will dive deep into a symptom, source, and solution framework - a step-by-step guide to rejuvenate your agents quickly.

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Where: On-Demand



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A step-by-step guide to rejuvenate your agents quickly.

Transform your team's approach to handling stress and workload.


Workshop Highlights:

  • The Three Dimensions of Burnout
    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the genuine symptoms of burnout across three dimensions.
  • Address Root Causes
    Learn techniques to identify and mitigate underlying factors leading to burnout.
  • Master Remote Coaching
    Acquire skills to effectively coach your team, regardless of location, maintaining strong connections.
  • Metrics that Matter
    Discover how to use key metrics to measure and significantly improve your coaching reach and impact.

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About Samara Zelniker

Samara, a Partner at Evolution, is dedicated to helping leaders reach their infinite potential. She is an SIY-certified teacher, the leadership and development program born at Google, and a certified coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In addition to one-on-one coaching, Samara hosts quarterly day-long wellness retreats catering to busy professionals while partnering with up-and-coming wellness brands. She also launched and runs The Shift Academy, a six-month program catered to high-performing women looking to align with a life and career they absolutely love. Samara has been featured as a leadership expert in Forbes, Business Insider, and The Coveteur and has served as a panelist and speaker at several conferences and podcasts.

Dan Rorke

About Dan Rorke

Dan is a Customer Success Manager at MaestroQA where he advices on quality, coaching best practices, and architecting complex workflows.