Quality & Risk Operational Excellence in CX:

How TaskRabbit Elevates Trust & Safety in Global Operations

Join us for an enlightening webinar with Cody Summer, Global Risk Operations Manager at TaskRabbit, a leader in the gig economy. Dive into the world of risk management and discover how TaskRabbit's innovative approach to quality assurance and CX risk operations safeguards their global platform. 

Learn from Cody's extensive experience in shaping robust risk operations, encompassing everything from reactive community standards to proactive fraud prevention. This is an unmissable opportunity for anyone looking to elevate their operational strategies and maintain the highest standards of trust and safety.  

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Decoding TaskRabbit's Quality Assurance Mastery

TaskRabbit sets the benchmark in trust and safety by integrating rigorous quality assurance with dynamic risk operations. Join us to learn how they balance scalability with meticulous standards.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Innovative Quality Rubrics in Action: Discover how TaskRabbit crafts and continuously refines their quality rubrics, ensuring consistent standards and decision-making across global teams.
  • Strategic Fraud Prevention and Trust: Uncover TaskRabbit's fraud prevention strategies and how they proactively safeguard the platform.
  • Empowering Agents with Accountability and Growth: See how TaskRabbit's focus on agent accountability and continuous improvement contributes to their exceptional service quality.
  • Performance Dashboards: Beyond Numbers: Delve into TaskRabbit's approach to performance metrics, from qualitative assessments to CSAT, and how they drive operational excellence.
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About Cody Summers

Cody is the Global Risk Operations Manager at TaskRabbit where he oversees a team of highly specialized risk agents all over the globe. Aside from managing a team of fraud specialists and BPO agents, Cody is busy ensuring TaskRabbit's CX experience meets the highest possible trust and safety standards. Prior to joining TaskRabbit, he oversaw Trust & safety at Tradesy, a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling luxury fashion.


About David Chitwood

David is is the Director of Customer Experience at MaestroQA where he oversees a global customer support team. He's passionate about leveraging data to identify business opportunities and process improvements that drive efficiency and better customer outcomes. David has 10+ years of experience leading customer support teams at companies like J. Crew and Intersection.