Mastering CX Excellence:

Learn How Grammarly Achieves Performance Excellence with MaestroQA

Embark on a journey to mastery in customer experience with Grammarly, an innovator in AI-driven language tools. Dive deep into the world of quality assurance and CX optimization with Iryna, Customer Support Team Manager at Grammarly, as she unveils the comprehensive strategies Grammarly uses to power its transformational quality assurance journey. Discover how Grammarly leverages MaestroQA's multifaceted tools to achieve excellence in customer experience.

In this exclusive webinar, we'll explore Grammarly's innovative approach to quality assurances. Explore the strategic shift that has not only optimized workflows but also empowered their team to maintain high standards of customer service through innovative technology and targeted feedback mechanisms. Gain valuable insights into Grammarly's journey towards CX mastery and learn actionable strategies to elevate your own customer experience to new heights.

When: On-Demand
Where: Zoom Webinar




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Exploring Grammarly's QA Success

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Innovative Dashboards in Action: Discover how Grammarly crafts and utilizes MaestroQA's dashboards to gain real-time insights into agent performance, customer sentiment, and QA trends.
  • Enhancing Grader Performance: Gain insights into how Grammarly leverages MaestroQA's performance dashboard to monitor and optimize grader performance.
  • Driving Agent Accountability and Growth: Explore how Grammarly empowers agents with actionable feedback and continuous learning opportunities, fostering a culture of accountability and improvement.
  • Enhancing Operational Efficiency: Learn how Grammarly leverages MaestroQA's dashboards to streamline decision-making, optimize workflows, and drive operational efficiency.
MaestroQA Performance Dashboard
Ira Shevelova

About Iryna Shevelova

Meet Ira, a seasoned General Support Team Manager at Grammarly with over 13 years of experience in the Support world. Throughout her career, Ira has seen first-hand the constant evolution and growth of Support teams and processes. With a keen interest in data analysis, Ira is passionate about uncovering insights from data and utilizing them to improve Support operations. Her areas of expertise lie in Quality Assurance and Workforce Management, where she leverages her analytical skills to drive continuous improvement and deliver exceptional customer experience.


About David Chitwood

David is is the Director of Customer Experience at MaestroQA where he oversees a global customer support team. He's passionate about leveraging data to identify business opportunities and process improvements that drive efficiency and better customer outcomes. David has 10+ years of experience leading customer support teams at companies like J. Crew and Intersection.