Next-Level Agent Performance

Inside Getaround's Modern Coaching & Quality Strategies 

Join us for an enlightening fireside chat with Adanna McAlpin, Quality Assurance and Training leader at Getaround, the world's first connected car sharing marketplace. This webinar will delve into Getaround's successful strategies in agent coaching and quality management, which have skyrocketed agent performance and cultivated a culture of customer service excellence. 

Discover the unique blend of empathy and efficiency that characterizes Getaround's modern coaching model. Learn how they use data-driven coaching conversations to strengthen the core relationship between team leads and frontline agents, reinforcing their core values and enabling them to adapt quickly to dynamic customer needs. We will also delve into their success in building rapport, particularly with their BPOs in the Philippines, and the critical role of active listening in understanding both agents and customers. 

When: Available Now
Where: On-Demand



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Cutting edge coaching strategies.

Designed for progressive customer service teams.

Learn how GetAround's adoption of MaestroQA’s Coaching & KPI dash enabled them to redefine agent growth.

In this webinar, we’ll uncover how to:

  • Overcome Key Performance Hurdles 
    Strategies to turn common agent performance challenges into opportunities for growth.
  • Accelerate Agent Growth
    Proven coaching methods to reduce ramp-up times and enhance agent capabilities effectively.
  • Leverage Data-Driven Coaching Conversations
    How to use AI-driven performance dashboards to identify coaching opportunities and empower agents with actionable feedback
  • Practice Empathy in Action
    Learn how GetAround trains agents in emotional intelligence and empathy, key skills in today’s customer service landscape.
  • Maximize Timely & Personalized Feedback
    Discover how implementing timely and individualized feedback sessions can dramatically change the dynamics of your customer service team, leading to more agile and effective responses.

About Adanna McAlpin

Adanna is the Training and Quality Manager at Getaround where she utilizes her customer-first mindset to successfully orchestrate training and enablement global customer support teams aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction and driving performance excellence. Prior to joining Getaround. Adanna rose the professional ranks from Customer Service Rep to Quality Assurance and Performance Facilitator.


About David Chitwood

David is is the Director of Customer Experience at MaestroQA where he oversees a global customer support team. He's passionate about leveraging data to identify business opportunities and process improvements that drive efficiency and better customer outcomes. David has 10+ years of experience leading customer support teams at companies like J. Crew and Intersection.