Get Smart on AI for CX

Mastering Innovation While Protecting Customer and Employee Trust

AI presents an exciting opportunity to boost your team's efficiency and your company's profitability. However, the stakes are high, as the improper implementation of AI can erode the trust of both your customers and employees in your brand and values.

Join us for an exclusive webinar led by Dr. Kartik Hosanagar, a renowned expert with 20 years of experience in Machine Learning and AI, and a distinguished entrepreneur and founder. This session is designed for CX and QA teams and leaders looking to harness the transformative power of AI while navigating its complexities and risks.

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Key topics we'll cover:

  • Understanding the Risks of AI Implementation: Explore the high-risk nature of implementing AI technologies, particularly in relation to potential impacts on brand and employee trust.
  • Techniques for Business-Specific AI Outputs: Dive into key techniques for generating business-specific AI outputs, like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Fine Tuning, and Prompt Engineering.
  • Recommendations for AI Strategy: Gain insights into recommended strategies for navigating AI implementation, including the avoidance of proprietary models and the emphasis on prompt engineering over fine-tuning.
Webinar Bio Circles (22)

Kartik Hosanagar

Dr. Kartik Hosanagar is a renowned expert with 20 years of experience in Machine Learning and AI. As a distinguished entrepreneur and founder, he has significantly influenced the digital landscape. Kartik's research focuses on the impact of analytics and algorithms on consumers and society, Internet media, Internet marketing, and e-commerce. He holds the John C. Hower Professorship in Technology and Digital Business at The Wharton School, where his work drives innovation and knowledge. With a rich background in academia and entrepreneurship, Kartik is a leading authority on technology's role in business.


CEO of MaestroQA: Vasu Prathipati

Vasu is the accomplished CEO and Co-Founder of MaestroQA, a company that has transformed the customer support landscape through data, analytics, and automated workflows. He has assisted hundreds of top-tier brands to revamp their CX strategies, delivering tangible results and exceptional customer experiences. A renowned thought leader and speaker, Vasu is a leading authority on modernizing customer service to enhance business impact, including QA, training, and agent performance. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering tangible results, Vasu and his team at MaestroQA are dedicated to transforming customer service into a strategic partner for driving brand growth and improving CX.