Omnichannel CX in the Age of AI

Six Sigma Strategies to Optimize Contact Center Performance

As digital interactions skyrocket, companies face the critical challenge of optimizing customer engagement across all platforms—from chatbots to web forms. Join our exclusive webinar with top Six Sigma experts and leading CX professionals from MaestroQA. Learn how to integrate Six Sigma problem-solving techniques and the latest AI innovations to boost omnichannel performance, maintain high-quality standards, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Dive into practical strategies tailored for today’s complex customer service demands. We'll explore essential techniques for performance analysis, quality assurance, and channel optimization. Equip yourself with Six Sigma frameworks and the latest technologies to thrive in this digital landscape.

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Leveraging Six Sigma for Superior Omnichannel CX

Adopt a robust, data-driven approach to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving CX landscape.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Strategic Foundations of Six Sigma in CX: Implement Six Sigma’s proven process design and measurement frameworks to solidify your omnichannel strategy.
  • Balancing Innovation with Reliability: Learn to deploy AI and other technologies effectively, reducing risks while maximizing customer engagement.
  • Continuous Improvement Across Channels: Apply Six Sigma to continuously refine processes, roles, and metrics, ensuring your CX and quality management strategy remains agile and effective.
  • Navigating Common Tech Challenges: Gain practical insights on overcoming typical hurdles such as lack of stakeholder buy-in and inadequate support, which can impede technology adoption.
  • Tech Showcase: Learn how leveraging data-driven insights from dynamic systems like MaestroQA can minimize risks and optimize growth by enabling detailed analyses of contact drivers, performance by product type or agent team, and advanced GPT analysis on customer interactions.

Pete Pande – President & Executive Consultant, Pivotal Resources, Inc.

Pete is a recognized expert in organizational change leadership with over 35 years of consulting and author of the bestselling book The Six Sigma Way. He has led strategic planning and operational improvement efforts for clients in a wide variety of industries, including government, manufacturing, retail, consumer products, high tech, healthcare and financial services. He works closely with leaders to evaluate operational capability, establish priorities and guide initiatives to achieve strategic goals and boost performance.


Maxmillian Licht – Account Executive, MaestroQA

Beginning his career in real estate, Maxmillian Licht discovered a passion for technology innovation and enhancing customer experiences. He transitioned to SaaS, where he excelled as a Sales Development Leader at Zuora, a company specializing in order-to-cash solutions, and later as a Sales Leader at Productiv, a platform focused on software procurement and optimization. Now at MaestroQA, Max employs his extensive sales strategy and software solutions experience to drive enterprise sales initiatives, furthering MaestroQA's impact in the tech sector.