Beyond Voice of the Customer (VoC):

Elevate CX with Six Sigma’s Approach to Customer Satisfaction

In the dynamic realm of customer support, traditional Voice of the Customer (VoC) strategies alone fall short in delivering the insights needed for exceptional service. Join us for a transformative webinar featuring celebrated Six Sigma expert, Pete Pande, President of Pivotal Resources and best selling author, along with distinguished CX quality experts from MaestroQA. Together, they will unveil how Six Sigma’s customer-centric strategies can elevate your CX operations by unlocking deeper insights into customer sentiment and areas of dissatisfaction (DSAT).

This session will guide you through innovative technologies and strategies to surface in-depth, actionable insights that directly connect customer sentiment to agent behaviors. We will discuss how moving beyond traditional feedback mechanisms can reduce noise and focus on creating meaningful interactions that drive business outcomes.

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From Feedback to Foresight: Actionable CX Insights

Transcend traditional VoC methods with our pioneering, data-driven approach.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Understanding Customer Needs: Dive deep into the essence of Six Sigma and its emphasis on aligning business processes with customer specifications and needs for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Beyond Traditional VOC: Explore innovative strategies beyond the Voice of the Customer (VoC), focusing on actionable insights and advanced analytics that can reveal "hotspots" in agent behaviors, process and policies that have the biggest impacts on customer satisfaction. 
  • Sentiment and DSAT Analysis: Learn how customer sentiment analysis and identifying negative customer satisfaction interactions (DSAT) are critical insights to refine your customer service strategies.
  • AutoQA and Performance Excellence: Discover how AutoQA metrics can illuminate agent behaviors that detract from customer satisfaction, and how to use this data to drive training, performance excellence, and ultimately, customer loyalty.

Pete Pande – President & Executive Consultant, Pivotal Resources, Inc.

Pete is a recognized expert in organizational change leadership with over 35 years of consulting and author of the bestselling book The Six Sigma Way. He has led strategic planning and operational improvement efforts for clients in a wide variety of industries, including government, manufacturing, retail, consumer products, high tech, healthcare and financial services. He works closely with leaders to evaluate operational capability, establish priorities and guide initiatives to achieve strategic goals and boost performance.


Maxmillian Licht – Account Executive, MaestroQA

Beginning his career in real estate, Maxmillian Licht discovered a passion for technology innovation and enhancing customer experiences. He transitioned to SaaS, where he excelled as a Sales Development Leader at Zuora, a company specializing in order-to-cash solutions, and later as a Sales Leader at Productiv, a platform focused on software procurement and optimization. Now at MaestroQA, Max employs his extensive sales strategy and software solutions experience to drive enterprise sales initiatives, furthering MaestroQA's impact in the tech sector.