Why Future CX Leaders are Getting Their Start in Quality

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Nick spent a long stint building Quality processes at Harry's before landing at Bombas as the Director of Customer Happiness.

In this webinar, he joins Vasu, our CEO, to share his thoughts on the impact that his background in Quality has shaped his career, and why the next generation of CX leaders will need a strong grounding in QA.

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Also in this webinar:

CX Industry Trends 📈

Nick and Vasu share their observations in the CX space, and where they think the industry is headed.

The Quality Difference 💪

How a background in Quality helps candidates stand out when interviewing for roles in senior CX leadership.

Unlocking a Holistic Voice of Customer Approach 🔑

How Nick pairs Quality with operational metrics to deliver process and product improvements.

Future CX Leaders are Getting Their Start in Quality


Join our CEO, Vasu Prathipati, as he sits down with Bombas Director of Customer Happiness (and long-time MaestroQA user) as they explore the career opportunities open to CX professionals specializing in Quality Assurance.

They explore themes and topics ranging from how a background in Quality sets candidates apart in CX leadership interviews, to how Nick approaches delivering impactful Voice of Customer insights that help transform the product and customer experience.

About the Speakers:

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Nick Martin

Director of Customer Happiness, Bombas


Nick got his start as a Customer Support Agent, but found a deep interest in Quality and identifying revenue multiplying insights through the QA process. He now serves as the Director of Customer Happiness at Bombas.



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Vasu Prathipati

CEO and Co-founder, MaestroQA

Vasu is passionate about helping companies transform their customer service from a department that is viewed as a cost center into a growth driver - one that drives customer loyalty and happiness.

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