How Etsy Empowers Agent Performance

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The Etsy CX team empowers over 500 agents with their twin programs of certifications and coaching.

Susannah and Natasha share how Etsy runs onboarding, training, and QA–and how they deliver stellar experiences for millions of customers.

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Susannah Lescher

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On-demand Webinar: How Etsy Empowers Agent Performance


Certification and Coaching

Etsy's CX leadership team pioneered these twin programs to ensure that their onboarding program could scale with the team's rapid rate of growth.

These programs combined data-driven coaching sessions with a QA-supported agent certifications to ensure that new agents joined the queue ready to make a lasting impact on the customer experience.

About the Speakers:


Susannah Lescher

Quality Program Manager at Etsy

Susannah started as a Trust and Safety Specialist at Etsy, but quickly found that her interest was in maintaining the quality of the customer experience.



Natasha Lende

Training & Documentation Manager

Natasha is passionate about coaching, blended learning, an agile knowledge base, and empowering agents across the globe to provide world class support.

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