How to Build Customer Loyalty Through CX

Building customer loyalty is the ultimate aim of CX teams.


It costs brands up to 25x more to acquire new customers as compared to retaining existing ones. Loyal customers also tend to spend more and engage more with brands. 

Providing consistent, high-quality customer experiences is the key to unlocking customer loyalty. In this guide, we provide actionable strategies to build customer loyalty through your customer support interactions.

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Also in this guide:

Metrics for Measuring Customer Loyalty 📈

Traditional CX metrics fall short when measuring the loyalty of your customers. We provide 5 modern metrics that help you track loyalty.

Actionable Strategies ✅

We provide a handy checklist of loyalty-building strategies that you can apply to your teams today.

Real-world Examples of CX Loyalty-building in Action 🔎

Hear from brands like ClassPass and how they used tactics in this guide to beat their retention targets.

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