Beyond ChatGPT

The Evolving Landscape of Large Language Models for CX Teams

As the AI landscape broadens dramatically with innovative models like Claude, Gemini, Command, Mistral, Jamba, and Llama. understanding this evolution becomes crucial for CX and quality teams. Why is this pivotal? Because being ahead in adopting the latest AI advancements gives your organization a competitive edge. This webinar will not only keep you informed but will also empower you to engage in deeper, more strategic dialogues with technology partners like MaestroQA.

Join Harrison Hunter and Vasu Prathipati, co-founders of MaestroQA, as they explore the significant differences and similarities among these cutting-edge models. They will provide a thorough analysis of how the field continues to evolve and offer actionable insights on leveraging these developments to enhance your own CX strategies.

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Key topics we'll cover:

  • Understand Key AI Developments: Learn about the latest advancements in language models beyond ChatGPT and why they are crucial for CX enhancement.

  • Gain Competitive Advantage: Discover how staying ahead in AI can empower your team and provide a strategic edge in customer experience management.

  • Refine Your AI Strategy: Equip yourself with the knowledge to ask more informed and strategic questions of your technology partners, including MaestroQA.

Harrison hunter

Harrison Hunter, CTO & Co-Founder, MaestroQA

Harrison Hunter is the Co-Founder and CTO of MaestroQA, a leader in innovative quality assurance solutions for customer service. Since founding the company in 2013, he has been instrumental in building exceptional products and a strong company culture. Under his leadership, MaestroQA has become a profitable entity, securing $25 million to enhance the human touch in customer service. Harrison oversees the engineering and information security teams, integrating advanced technologies to improve MaestroQA’s offerings. His expertise in leveraging AI, especially large language models for customer experience, makes him a key figure for organizations aiming to enhance customer interactions through technology.


Vasu Prathipati, CEO & Co-Founder , MaestroQA

Vasu is the accomplished CEO and Co-Founder of MaestroQA, a company that has transformed the customer support landscape through data, analytics, and automated workflows. He has assisted hundreds of top-tier brands to revamp their CX strategies, delivering tangible results and exceptional customer experiences. A renowned thought leader and speaker, Vasu is a leading authority on modernizing customer service to enhance business impact, including QA, training, and agent performance. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering tangible results, Vasu and his team at MaestroQA are dedicated to transforming customer service into a strategic partner for driving brand growth and improving CX.