Elevate Your Customer Service with AI Prompt Engineering

An Exclusive Workshop

In today’s competitive landscape, mastering the nuances of AI can be the difference between good and exceptional customer service. This exclusive webinar, led by MaestroQA’s CTO and Co-Founder Harrison Hunter, will dive deep into the art and science of AI prompt engineering. Learn how to leverage advanced AI techniques and best practices to enhance quality assurance and customer service outcomes across your organization.

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When: Available Now
Where: Zoom Webinar


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What You Will Learn:

  • The Power of Prompt Engineering: Discover how precise prompt engineering can significantly impact the quality of results in AI applications.
  • Contextual Excellence: Understand the importance of context in achieving accurate and reliable outputs.
  • Practical Examples: See real-world examples of good and bad prompts and how they affect data analysis and results.
  • Impact on MaestroQA Features: Learn how these techniques enhance Auto QA and our new Co-Pilot features.
  • Immediate Applications: Get practical tips to apply these insights immediately for improved customer experience and operational efficiency.
AI in customer service call centers - GPT analytics
Harrison hunter

Harrison Hunter, CTO & Co-Founder, MaestroQA

Harrison Hunter is the Co-Founder and CTO of MaestroQA, a leader in innovative quality assurance solutions for customer service. Since founding the company in 2013, he has been instrumental in building exceptional products and a strong company culture. Under his leadership, MaestroQA has become a profitable entity, securing $25 million to enhance the human touch in customer service. Harrison oversees the engineering and information security teams, integrating advanced technologies to improve MaestroQA’s offerings. His expertise in leveraging AI, especially large language models for customer experience, makes him a key figure for organizations aiming to enhance customer interactions through technology.


Scott Ashton, Implementations Manager, MaestroQA

Scott is an Implementations Manager, Sales Engineer, and Customer Experience Specialist at MaestroQA. With a deep understanding of MaestroQA’s platform, Scott excels in guiding clients to achieve their MaestroQA goals. His ability to combine technical knowledge with a client-focused strategy ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for all customers.