Agent Coaching in the Chatbot Era

The Power of Human Connection ✨
Embracing Targeted Coaching Strategies for Exceptional Agent Performance

As automated systems and chatbots become increasingly central to customer service, the importance of the human touch in customer support has never been greater. Our upcoming workshop will reveal the secrets to delivering personalized, impactful coaching that not only inspires agents but also propels them towards excellence in every interaction. Discover how to recognize and harness each agent's distinct strengths, establish realistic objectives, and cultivate a culture of excellence throughout your team.

This engaging workshop, led by Evolution Executive Coach, Matthew Cooke and featuring thought leaders from MaestroQA, will introduce you to cutting-edge strategies designed to enhance your team's performance through precise, targeted coaching. Learn how effective, actionable coaching can transform your customer support team into crucial contributors to an unparalleled customer experience in 2024.

When: Available Now
Where: On-Demand



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Embrace the future of customer support with insights on:

  • Utilizing Personality Insights to tailor coaching for individual team members effectively.
  • Enhancing coaching conversations with 360-degree feedback for a comprehensive perspective on performance.
  • Developing targeted growth plans that strategically support agent development and team success.
  • Leveraging targeted agent analysis and coaching to easily spot coaching opportunities and deliver context-rich feedback.
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Matthew Cooke – Executive Coach and Facilitator, Evolution

Matthew is an Executive Coach and Facilitator at Evolution, one of Silicon Valley's premier coaching, culture, and leadership development firms that partners with start-up and high-growth companies to drive long-term, holistic success through leadership development, alignment, and culture.

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Mel Bilge – Director of Customer Success, MaestroQA

Mel is the Director of Customer Success for MaestroQA. She provides strategic recommendations and guidance to customers on coaching and quality best practices. Mel is currently based in Austin but is originally from the East Coast.